MG-type gravel slurry pump

MG Series dredge sand pumps are designed to handle very large particles for gravel and dredging operations. This sand pumps are designed for continuous handling of the most difficult higher abrasive slurry, containing solids too large to be pumped by a standard slurry pump.
MG-type gravel slurry pump
MG-type gravel slurry pump

This product is a cantilever centrifugal pump. The single-pump housing structure with box connection has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability. The structure of the product is reasonable, reliable operation, long life and other characteristics. It is especially suitable for the continuous transport mud pump to transport large abrasive materials.

Characteristics of the structure of MG-type gravel slurry pump

  • The casing of the individual pump is connected through the cassette, the flow conduit is roomy, the inner lining is hard alloy and has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high reliability.
  • The cylindrical components of the bearing, the design of the high-capacity bearing, the grease lubrication of the bearing, are adapted to the different conditions of use of oil lubrication.
  • The space between the impeller and the protector can be adjusted to ensure efficient operation of the pump.
  • The seals are sealed with packing and the impeller seals and the mechanical seals of the filter element are paid to suit different working conditions.
  • Pumps and units can be selected for direct transmission, V-belt drive, hydraulic coupling transmission and gearbox transmission.
  • The direction of pump output can be rotated at any angle to adapt to different field installation conditions.

Size of the model

  • Diameter: 100-800mm
  • Flow rate: 80-10000m3 / h
  • Head: 5-90 meters


Mainly used for dredging, river dredging, mining and casting slag delivery of metals.

The special pump clamp is used to hold the Frame Plate and the pump cover. The output of the pump can be rotated 360 degrees in any position to facilitate installation.

The cylindrical shape of the bearing components facilitates adjustment of the gap between the impeller and the Frame Plate, and all disassembly can be repaired. Lubrication with bearing grease.

The flow element uses high hardness and wear-resistant alloy cast iron.

Wide pump runner, good cavitation performance, high efficiency and wear resistance.

It is mainly used to continuously transport large abrasive materials that are too large to be transported by the mud pump due to too large particles.

It is suitable for dredging, sand suction gravel, river dredging, sand extraction and transport of metallurgical slag.

Packing seals, payment of impeller seals, mechanical seals.

V-belt drive, flexible coupling transmission, gear reducer transmission, fluid coupling transmission, frequency converter, SCR speed control.

A variety of speeds and variants allow the pump to operate in optimal conditions.

Long service life, high operational efficiency, able to meet a variety of harsh delivery conditions.

High reliability

Low operating costs

Easy to maintain

Long-lasting parts

High efficiency, low power consumption