Test device for horizontal slurry pump

Test device for horizontal slurry pump

The test device of the horizontal slurry pump and the system of the centrifugal pump are basically the same, except that the discharge pressure of the horizontal slurry pump is generally high, and a safety valve or the like for preventing overpressure should be provided for safety reasons. The general requirements for the test equipment for horizontal slurry pumps are:

1. Safety valves or other overpressure protection devices should be installed on the discharge line of the pump.

2. The pressure allowed to be discharged from the discharge line should be compatible with the maximum discharge pressure of the pump under test.

3. The joints of the suction line should not leak to prevent outside air from entering the pipeline.

4. In order to ensure that the range of indications of the pressure gauge and flow measuring instrument of the horizontal slurry pump meets the measurement requirements, a sufficiently large air chamber or other pulsation absorbing device can be arranged on the pipeline.

5. In the cavitation performance test, when the suction pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, a sufficiently large vacuum vessel should be placed on the suction line or the test should be carried out at the specified suction height. If the test is carried out by simply adjusting the suction resistance, the length of the straight pipe section after the inlet throttling device should be not less than 12 times the diameter of the suction pipe.

6. When it is not suitable to use water or emulsion as the test medium, the corresponding medium or mineral oil can be used according to the design requirements. If there is a clear requirement for the test media, follow the agreement.

7. When conducting the horizontal slurry pump test, the necessary safety facilities should be equipped to ensure the personal safety of the test personnel.