Discuss the three major reasons for the burnout of the slurry pump motor

Discuss the three major reasons for the burnout of the slurry pump motor

When the slurry pump is in use, serious motor burnout may occur due to some operational errors or use problems. However, after the general motor is damaged, many users do not know how to repair it. If it is difficult, it will be sent to the maintenance point, but after the repair, the motor is burnt out because the user does not know what the reason is. Therefore, it is still impossible to avoid repeated damage during use. In order to let you easily avoid this situation in the future, we will introduce the following three reasons for the burnout of the slurry pump motor:

Reason one: lack of phase

This situation can be said to be the main killer of the slurry pump motor burnout. The quality of the general motor is up to ten minutes, the most terrible is the lack of phase of the entire power supply system, plus a lot of equipment switches are self-locking or automatically open, after a power outage, the power transmission phase loss accident, maybe Burn more than a dozen motors. The best solution for a single motor is to install an electronic phase loss protector. There is also the insurance in the motor circuit is also the cause of the lack of phase. So now, few people add a fuse or the like to the main circuit of the motor. A better method is to install a suitable circuit breaker.

Reason two: damp

The reduction in insulation due to water ingress or damp is also a common cause of damage to the slurry pump motor, but there is no way to protect it. Use only the attention and periodic shake insulation. Drying and re-dipping can be solved before it bursts. In particular, the motor driven by the inverter should be careful with this item, otherwise the inverter may be reimbursed.

Reason three: overload

If the motor has a protection function, there is generally no overload. However, it should be noted that because the thermal relay can not be verified, and the protection value is not very accurate, the selection is not suitable, etc., and the artificial setting is automatically reset, so when protection is needed, it often does not work, and may be more After the secondary protection, the real cause was not found, and the protection value was artificially increased, resulting in failure of the protection.