The importance of the design of submerged slurry pump

The importance of the design of submerged slurry pump

The design of the submerged slurry pump has a great influence on its service life and operational stability. A scientific and rational selection design will affect whether the submerged slurry pump can achieve the best efficient operation. Here we will introduce to you how to choose:

1. First, the company must have the latest and most scientific selection manual. In general, a submerged slurry pump manufacturer gives the customer a choice of model design when referring to the selection manual. The scientific nature of the data in this manual completely determines whether the pump type chosen is scientific.

2. Experienced engineers. A selection engineer with many years of experience will be very important, because engineers who have participated in industrial and mining design and selection for many years have deep practical experience, are very experienced in customer needs, and have strong conditions for the mining industry and the operation of the pump. Practical experience. Therefore, they will be scientific and reasonable in the selection design.

3. The overall design capabilities of the company. Because industrial and mining can be considered as a system, not just a pump problem, but the entire industrial and mining system, so many equipment will be involved in the system, so the company must have a model when selecting the submerged slurry pump. Overall system design capabilities.