Analysis of Failure Causes of Slurry Pump Seal

Analysis of Failure Causes of Slurry Pump Seal

The mechanical seal of the slurry pump, also called the end face seal, is held by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation under the action of the fluid pressure and the compensating mechanism elastic force (or magnetic force), and the auxiliary seal, and is relatively slid. And a device for preventing fluid leakage. Premature failure of the mechanical seal is generally caused by factors such as incorrect selection, poor quality, large pump vibration, large axial volume of the pump shaft, no unreasonable flushing system or unreasonable setting of the auxiliary flushing system, and poor maintenance. Below we briefly understand the reasons for the failure of the slurry pump seal:

1. Seal between the sleeve and the shaft;

2. The seal between the moving ring and the slurry pump bushing;

3. Seal between moving and static rings;

4. Sealing between the stationary ring and the stationary ring seat;

5. Seal between the sealed end cap and the pump body of the slurry pump.