How to solve the vibration of the slurry pump?

How to solve the vibration of the slurry pump?

The slurry pump may vibrate in actual use. At this time, we can solve it from the following aspects:

First, choose the low-speed slurry pump as much as possible. Although the high-speed pump can reduce the volume of the pump and improve the efficiency, some high-speed pumps are difficult to meet the requirements of high-speed operation due to design and manufacturing problems, and the operation invariability is poor. It is shorter, so from the operational point of view, in order to reduce the downtime loss and delay the operating life, it is still advantageous to use a low speed pump.

Second, to prevent small flow operation or open pump operation, it is not allowed to operate the inlet valve to adjust the economy. Under the operating conditions, the inlet valve should be fully open, and the throttle flow can only adjust the outlet valve. If the valve is too tightly closed during operation, The capacity of the famous pump is too large, the operation is uneconomical and affects the life. It is reasonable to choose the pump type or reduce the speed.

Third, the connection of the slurry pump brilliant sealing condition In addition to the loss of the leakage of the pump, the most serious problem is that the fluid enters the shaft pump bearing interior, aggravating wear, causing vibration and shortening the life. When applying a stuffing box, in addition to the usual operational requirements, the most easily overlooked problem is to soil the stuffing box. The channel grooves that flash on the bushings are often caused by the inclusion of dirty stuffing boxes with soil and sand. If mechanical seals are used, the problem that needs to be paid attention to is that the material selection of the dynamic and static rings is appropriate, and the material cannot resist the erosion of the working medium, which is one of the main components of mechanical seal failure.