Use of slurry pump

Use of slurry pump

The main purpose of the slurry pump is to transport slurry in the production of industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, electric power, coal, mining and other industries are inseparable from its application. Its working characteristics are that the treated slurry contains a variety of solid particles, and we need to know more about its use in daily operations.

When the slurry pump processes the slurry with more impurity particles, for example, to remove the mud, a filter can be placed at the water inlet, which can reduce the impurity particles entering the pump body, reduce the probability of the pump, and prolong the slurry pump. Service life. The use time of the slurry pump should not be too long. If there is a spare pump, it is best to work in the form of a rotating operation.

During the working process of the slurry pump, the pump body should be placed on the ground to keep the pump body stable. If it is a slurry pump such as a mud pump or a submerged slurry pump that requires underwater operation, it is limited by its structure. The pump must be placed in the water. At this time, the motor should be placed on the water surface and fixed, and the slurry pump should be kept. Stable.

Some of the slurry pumps use mechanical seals. The use of such slurry pumps must ensure the supply of shaft seal water, and it is strictly prohibited to operate in the absence of water to avoid the burning of mechanical seals due to dry grinding. In general, the mechanically sealed slurry pump should be connected to the shaft seal water before use, and should be maintained for at least 3 minutes after the pump is stopped.

The slurry pump is currently used at most in the concentrating plant of the mining industry. The main treatment is the primary selection of ore. In this case, the wear of the slurry pump will be relatively serious, so its service life is relatively low, especially according to The hardness and particle size of the treated ore are different, and the degree of abrasion of the slurry pump will be different.