Component composition of vertical slurry pump

Component composition of vertical slurry pump

For the vertical slurry pump, its use has brought us convenience. We should understand the composition of its components. What are the main components of it? Let's take a look at the following details:

1. bearing components

The bearings are greased. According to the level of the liquid level of the vertical slurry pump slurry tank, pump drive shafts or suction pipes of different lengths can be selected. Customized extension shafts are available at higher bath depths.

2. shaft seal

It does not require any shaft seal and shaft seal water, and it can work normally under the condition of insufficient intake.

3. transmission mode

There are V-type V-belt drive and flexible coupling drive.

4. the overall performance

Using a variety of speeds and a variety of variants, the vertical slurry pump operates under optimal conditions, with long service life and high operating efficiency, which can meet a variety of harsh conveying conditions.

For the composition of the vertical slurry pump, we should understand that only know its composition, so that it will be helpful to everyone when it is used, and it will be very convenient when it is repaired.