Energy saving method for vertical slurry pump

Energy saving method for vertical slurry pump

Everyone chooses the vertical slurry pump not to blindly choose. To understand clearly, we should choose the equipment with high efficiency and energy saving. What is the energy saving method for the vertical slurry pump? Let's take a quick look at it:

1. according to the actual needs of the flow and lift selection

When selecting the vertical slurry pump, the general user only pays attention to the pump flow selection, ignoring the pump head selection. The selected slurry pump head is larger than the actual head demand, and the energy is wasted. The choice should be as follows. The actual head demand is chosen to reduce the installed capacity and save energy.

2. scientific and reasonable installation of vertical slurry pump

If conditions permit, when loading the pump, try to reduce the amount of elbows, or cancel the "three valves", the pipeline is best straight and short, do not set the outlet pipe to "anti-aircraft" type, you can take the next horizontal installation, tilt installation, etc. Method to reduce losses.

3. The power of the motor and the vertical slurry pump must be matched properly.

The unreasonable power supply is mainly reflected in the two aspects of “Da Niu pull small plow, calf pull large plow”, and can not guarantee the safe and economic operation of the equipment. It is necessary to equip the motor with the vertical slurry pump power.

4. Select the lining material according to the type of ore.

It has many kinds of lining materials, such as high-chromium cast iron, high-chromium white cast iron and wear-resistant rubber. In the face of many materials, it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to the type of ore, so as to improve the vertical slurry pump. Usage rate.

Today's introduction is here. Short-term use of vertical slurry pumps may not be very energy-efficient. If you use them for a long time, you will find that the non-energy-saving equipment is particularly power-hungry when used, so the energy-saving method for it. We should briefly understand.