Reasons for the submerged slurry pump stuck

Reasons for the submerged slurry pump stuck

A friend told us that when using a submerged slurry pump, sometimes there is a phenomenon of jamming, so what is the reason for its jamming?

1. The spring is damaged, so that the rotating piece is not evenly stressed.

2. improper assembly, so that a part of the force.

Because the filter of the air inlet is lost or damaged, external dirt, metal chips, glass swarf, etc. fall into the pump cavity. In addition, the gap between the pump rotor, the end face of the rotary vane and the end cover is too small, and the friction heat generates the rotary vane. The friction of elongation or overheating is too high, and the hardness of the rotor is too large, and the burrs are crushed with each other to cause deep scratches on the end faces, and finally the card is sintered. When the shaft and the sleeve are too tightly fitted, the smooth oil passage is not smooth, and the pump is jammed due to sticking to each other.