Application range of submerged slurry pump

Application range of submerged slurry pump

With the constant demand of the market, we continue to develop production of the submerged slurry pump. For the moment, what are the applicable scopes of the submerged slurry pump?

1.From the length of the liquid:

The length of the liquid is generally up to 1.8. The pump can achieve a depth of 3 meters and a long liquid depth, adapt to most customers' needs, and it is stable in operation and long in service life.

2. material problems:

Over the years, we have learned about the use environment of submerged slurry pump customers, producing ordinary ductile iron, high chromium wear-resistant alloy, imported French CR30 material, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L and other wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials.

3. Adapt to temperature:

Normal operation in a high temperature environment of 500 degrees.

4. Experiment:

Do not make less than 2 small amounts of water test before leaving each factory. Therefore, the flow rate, head, temperature and amplitude of the pump are detected to meet national standards.

5. appearance:

Strictly in accordance with export standards, from primer to medium paint to top coat of three coats, the film thickness reaches the export standard.