What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of slurry pump, vacuum pump and mud pump?

What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of slurry pump, vacuum pump and mud pump?

Pump maintenance should pay attention to what problems, the first one is of course the power supply wire, to see if there is aging, broken skin and power line leakage, if you find these situations can see if you can wrap, remember if in the water Do not wrap the wires, immediately replace the power cord, in addition to periodically check the pump impeller whether there is a mud card to the main outlet, the operation is to listen to the sound is not good.

If there is some noise, it proves that the pump bearing has been damaged and you need to refuel. More serious to replace, there is noise and the impeller is loose, has been ground to the bottom cover, the last problem of noise is the coil damage, sometimes there will be water pump can not supply water, it is necessary to check whether it is necessary to divert water Work, whether the pump is reversed, if this is the case, it is necessary to change the method of the capacitor joint, or else there is debris in the gap of the impeller, resulting in the inability to supply water.

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