Precautions for operation of submersible slurry pump to find out the cause of overload

Precautions for operation of submersible slurry pump to find out the cause of overload

1. The pressure of the cooling water sealed by the external washing machine should not be too large. Generally, the pressure is not higher than 0.05MPa, and the flow rate is about 0.3L/S, which can usually flow naturally.

2. The pressure of the cooling water for the internal flushing machine seal should be higher than the working pressure in the sealed chamber by more than 0.1 MPa. The flow rate is about 0.5L/S. Flush water enters the pump chamber.

3. After the water to be flushed or the cooling water is turned on for five minutes, start the submersible slurry pump.

4. Stop the flushing water or cooling water after stopping the submersible slurry pump for five minutes.

5. Mechanical seals are not allowed to operate without flushing water or cooling water, or dry friction.

Speaking of submersible sewage pumps, I don’t know how much friends know about them? We are mainly engaged in submersible sewage pumps, especially in the manufacture of this product. Therefore, the quality of the product is also good. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the reasons for the overload of the submersible sewage pump. Let's take a look.

1. the power supply voltage is too low

The submersible sewage pump operates under conditions of less than the rated voltage in the rural area, and the current in the stator winding increases more, resulting in a higher temperature rise of the stator winding and more overheating.

2. Improper selection of submersible sewage pump

The actual working load conditions do not match the form of the selected submersible pump; the head of the selected submersible pump is too high or too low.

3. mechanical failure

The submersible sewage pump bearing is seriously damaged, the friction between the stator and the rotor is “broomed” or the pump impeller is stuck by other debris such as water plants, etc. The mechanical failure of the submersible sewage pump will cause the stator winding of the submersible sewage pump to burn out.

4. Quality factors in the manufacturer or repair

The submersible pump is overloaded by the quality of the submersible pump manufacturer and the repair.