Understand the concept and type of slurry pump and precautions in maintenance

Understand the concept and type of slurry pump and precautions in maintenance

The slurry pump is a kind of centrifugal pump in terms of physics. It conceptually refers to a kind of machinery that increases the energy of the solid-liquid mixed medium by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the pump impeller, and converts the electric energy into the kinetic energy of the medium. And potential equipment.

The name of the slurry pump is a centrifugal pump that is divided from the perspective of the conveying medium. In addition, the slurry pump can be divided into different types from different angles:

1. from the number of impellers: single-stage pump and multi-stage pump

 2. from the pump shaft and horizontal position: horizontal pump and vertical pump (submerged pump)

 3. Divide the way from the impeller into the water: single suction pump and double suction pump

 4. from the pump shell structure: horizontal open and vertical combined

Slurry pumps are widely used in many industrial fields. The main purpose is to transport media with particles. The relatively complicated working conditions may cause the slurry pump to be greatly worn during daily use. The service life of the slurry pump is the best way to enhance the daily maintenance of the slurry pump.

1. The use of slurry pump should ensure the reliability of the slurry pump module system and the slurry pump pipeline system.

2. Some parts of the slurry pump are wearing parts. In daily use, attention should be paid to the loss of the wearing parts, and repair or replacement should be carried out in time. In the process of repairing or replacing the wearing parts of the slurry pump, it is necessary to ensure correct assembly, reasonable gap adjustment, and avoid the occurrence of tight friction.

3. The suction pipe system of the slurry pump must be free of air leakage. At the same time, it should be noted that the suction port is blocked during operation. The medium to be treated by the slurry pump often contains solid particles. Therefore, the barrier placed in the pumping tank should meet the requirements of the slurry pump to pass the particles, and reduce the possibility of excessive particles or long fiber materials entering the pump body and causing blockage. Sex.

4. The bearing water pressure and water volume of the slurry pump must comply with the relevant technical regulations. At the time of operation, the tightness of the packing should be adjusted or replaced according to the operation conditions at any time. Otherwise, the shaft seal leakage may occur. In addition, it is also of the same meaning to replace the bushing in time for the bearing of the slurry pump.

5. If the bearing of the slurry pump needs to be replaced, it must ensure that there is no dust and lubricating oil in the bearing assembly. At the same time, the temperature of the bearing should be kept at 60 °C to 65 °C during the operation of the slurry pump. Should exceed 75 ° C, otherwise it is an abnormal situation.